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Diamond Production Management Systems

  • Diamond Production Management System Helps you to manage your cost of diamond production on daily basis.

  • The software gives department, type and size wise daily work report of employee.

  • We provide the best Solution for our customers. Our Diamond Production Management System is very easy to understand, user-friendly, easy to track all the employee record.

Why Need Diamond Production Management System (DPMS)

Diamond Production Management System (DPMS) helps you to manage your daily production cost which gives you an accurate figure of your daily wages.

Need of Diamond Production Management  System

  • It gives you an accurate daily production report
  • No need to depend on book record system
  • It is a totally cloud-based system so that you can access it anytime from mobile, laptop, desktop.
  • It is compatible with any device.
  • You can also generate salary of employee.

Why Choose Us

  • We developed this system on latest technology so that we can give you best performance.

  • Our Diamond Production Management System is very much user-friendly and it is easy to use.

  • Our Diamond Production Management System at a great price so anyone can invest a small amount of their business.

  • We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, Reliable Service and timely support.

  • Let's get in touch By filling our contact form, or email us at contact@idkitsolutions.com

Fast and Secure System

Our system developed with custom coding and easy to integrate new technology as per your requirement and we have added latest security features so your website runs securely and fast.

Easy to use System

The system interface is very user-friendly so you no need to waste time on learning admin panel.

Easy to Create Salary

You can easily generate salary of each and every employee.

Top Features

Features That Makes E-commerce System Perfect

Manage Department

You can add/edit/delete department depending on your requirements.

Manage Type

This will help you to manage the type of diamond cutting views.

Manage Employee

You can manage department and type wise employee.

Manage Size

You can manage a department and type wise size with their price.

Receive Diamond

Using this tool, you can receive diamond work of each employee and it will generate employee's wages depending upon their work

Production Report

Production report gives you daily as well as monthly wages of each and every employee.

Manage Salary

You can generate monthly salary of a fixed salaried employee from their total working days.

Manage Payslip

You can generate payslip of each n every employee.

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Features That Makes DPMS Perfect

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